Bulletproof HR Protection Plan

Peace of mind for you, complete protection for your business


Our Bulletproof Protection Plan has been designed to make it as simple as possible for you to manage the demands of ever changing employment law. The plan can also shield your business against the cost of any future claims, via our tailored insurance.



We’ll ensure you are complying to all relevant aspects of employment law by providing you with tailored contracts of employment, staff handbooks and template letters.


Complete peace of mind with our Insurance Protection

Even with these safeguards in place, it is still possible for an employee to make a claim against you. Because of the potential costs in time and money of defending a claim, employers often settle out of court, placing a financial burden on the business, and setting an undesirable precedent. Our Insurance Protection ensures you are always able to defend yourself, whatever happens.


Unlimited Advice from a Specialist employment lawyer

On joining you will be allocated an experienced, specialist employment lawyer who will get to know you and your business’s specific needs, so you can receive unlimited bespoke advice, allowing you to take swift, decisive action, whilst safeguarding.


Ease of budgeting with a fixed monthly fee

Avoid any nasty surprises with our fixed fee packages, allowing you to budget accurately and stay protected throughout the year.