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    Employment Law - Managing Stress in the Workplace

    In 2015/16 work related stress accounted for 11.7 million lost working days in the UK, with an average of 23.9 days per case. As well as the moral obligation to help support and care for employees and colleagues, from a business point of view there are huge benefits of tackling work-related stress, including reduced cost of absence, increased productivity and improved employee engagement.

    Presented to you by our experienced employment specialists, this interactive workshop will cover;

    •    the legal duty employers have with regard to the health of their employees;
    •    how to create a healthy working environment;
    •    how to protect and support employees suffering with work related stress;
    •    dealing with long term absence;
    •    how to manage stress during the disciplinary process.

    Date: Thu 16 March 2017, 12:45 - 14:00 GMT

    Venue: Taylor Bracewell Solicitors, 17-23 Thorne Road, Doncaster, DN1 2RP

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