In adversity I needed the services of a solicitor practice in Doncaster. Alison Kitchman a lady I have known for many years is a partner within this practice who specialised in family/marital law. (Which I required). The lady in question I had never required to employ in a professional capacity until now. It amazed me her knowledge in the laws required to both assist and protect me in what was a dark period of my life. The patience shown in dealing with myself and the lawyers representing my ex partner went beyond any expectations money could provide. Even though it would be a pleasure to employ Alison’s services again those dark days are over. I therefore at this special time of year raise a glass to her and say, Many thanks for assisting my progress from despair to elation.

The whole experience which also included sale of properties went very well. There were many members of staff whom I met and assisted my voyage, Thank you to you all.

Mr Freedman

Tarik was brilliant to deal with. Kind and understanding while maintaining that level of professionalism to keep you reassured that everything was being done correctly. He was there to speak at any time no matter how big or small my query and able to settle my nerves during this tough time. Thank you for all your help Tarik, Taylor Bracewell are lucky to have you on their team.

J Elson

From the first time I met Tarik, I was made to feel very at ease at a time when emotions are all over the place. Tarik was very professional, but spoke clearly and never made me feel like I didn’t understand what advice was been given to me. Tarik is a truly polite and kind gentleman, even to a point of always opening doors for me and asking if I would like a drink. A definite asset to Taylor Bracewell.


Excellent service at Taylor Bracewell and very highly recommend. I will definitely be using them again when buying my new house. The service was exactly what I wanted, thank you Tarik.

Miss Crich

We were extremely pleased with the work Tarik did for us. He was always re-assuring us even though we didn’t think things were going to go our way. We would not hesitate to recommend Tarik to anyone.

Mr & Mrs Simm

Thank you Alison (Kitchman) for all your help, support, and guidance through the difficult times, you made the process so much easier to endure.

Theresa Drew

“Rosemary Finn has represented me during my recent separation, her compassion, knowledge and wit has helped me through a difficult 18 months and this has truly helped me to laugh and look forward at the most difficult times. Rosemary has a kind, down to earth and professional approach, at no point have I felt that I was not being well represented.

Rosemary gave me the reassurance I required to attend court and on both occasions provided me with not only professional support but empathy and understanding. I would highly recommend Rosemary Finn and Taylor Bracewell”

‘Rosemary is a fantastic solicitor who dealt with my family matter issues outstandingly. She was thoughtful, understanding and very helpful. I thoroughly recommend Rosemary to anybody who is seeking advice from a solicitor.’


I have recently gone through a divorce, during which time Alison was acting on my behalf.  From my initial instruction, I found Alison to be very informative, extremely pro-active and always very positive throughout the whole proceedings.
I always knew that when I needed to speak to Alison regarding  my matter, if she was not available at that given moment, she would get back to me asap for discussion and, again to repeat, always had a positive resolve in mind, which she would action.

Alison is  an extremely pro-active, professional, re-assuring, pleasant
person and I would certainly have no hesitation at all in recommending her representation in a matrimonial matter.

David Wheatley
Company Chairman Pacy and Wheatley Ltd

I can’t recommend Alison and her team highly enough. Nothing was too much trouble and Alison’s empathy and understanding were evident from our first phone call. Alison was recommended to me by another solicitor as the best of the best and she is most certainly that. Professional, caring, capable, and prepared to think outside the box when needed, which with my stressful and difficult divorce was something needed more than once. This all translates into her teams attitude and values too making them 5* as well.

L Pedley 21/02/2017

A divorce was something I never anticipated in my life, so to walk through the doors into the waiting room was very hard for me. The receptionist was very welcoming and I was not kept waiting at all. Alison Kitchman was very kind and patient and explained everything very well.

The care and expertise I had has been very good and I would definitely recommend Taylor Bracewell to anyone I know. I have been kept up to date with everything and most communication was done by telephone or emails which suited me as travelling to Doncaster is quite a distance from my home. I have been very satisfied with how my divorce has been handled. Thankyou very much.

S North 13/02/2017

I would totally recommend Alison Kitchman to anyone who needs a family lawyer. She has been absolutely marvellous in the way that she has handled my case. I am over the moon with the final result following 3 long years involved in court proceedings.

Mr Rodgers 04/01/2017

I came to see Alison last year over a dispute with my ex-husband of 10 years and my 12-year-old daughter. My situation was complicated and extremely delicate. Alison handled my situation with understanding, honesty and humility; which I am extremely grateful for.

In an attempt to find someone suitable to help me, I came across various other legal professionals, who I felt didn’t understand what support I required. I knew from the beginning that I couldn’t afford huge legal fees and I made Alison aware of this. Alison was always mindful of the cost and constantly gave me ‘upfront’ information about what her different services cost.

I decided to represent myself when my case eventually went to court; despite this I had Alison’s full support and was able to employ her in a consultancy capacity which meant that I paid for her time and advice only.

I felt that Alison believed in me from the beginning, this empowered me to fight my case. I cannot recommend this firm of solicitor enough; the whole family team all have the same message and that is putting the children first. For this I would like to thank each and every one who assisted my family and I during our very distressing time early this year.

C Parkin 17/10/2016

A fairly smooth divorce, they kept me informed of what is happening by a friendly family team. Good advice and support given.

N Nicholson 31/10/2016

I would like to thank Alison Kitchman for her time and understanding regarding my legal family matters. Its a very emotive subject for me; I was given honest, knowledgeable advice, with complete care and empathy. Alison took time to listen and explain until I was satisfied I had a good understanding of proceedings. I would definitely recommend Alison.


I was recommeneded Taylor Bracewell by a good friend. I have found Alison Kitchman to be extremely professional and knowledegable in her field, as well as having the ability to empathise and explain complex legal matters in a straight forward way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alison. I am more than happy with the service from Taylor Bracewell.

T Smith

I would like to say a massive thank you to you and your team for all your hospitality and kindness.

Where would I have been without you. Your support, guidance, good advice and advocacy has helped me enormously to get through the quagmire of events. I’m so glad I chose you to act as my solicitor. I will definitely be recommending you and your services in the future, should the need arise.


In September 2014, I realised that my marriage was at an end and started to research the local solicitors. What impressed me about Alison Kitchman was the fact she was a collaborative lawyer rather than a confrontational lawyer. Our first meeting was very emotional for me and Alison gave me two pearls of wisdom that have stayed with me since:

1. Nobody has ever died from divorce

2. I had to be pragmatic and try to keep the emotion under control

The divorce process became protracted at mediation. My wife blocked every attempt to settle, preferring to take her chances with a judge.

This has proved to be very frustrating for me during this time and the only constant has been Alison’s advice and encouragement.

To say that she has gone the extra mile for me is an understatement. Not only is she wise, intelligent, persuasive and methodical, but she is caring too and that is a quality that is too often neglected these days.

I consider myself very fortunate to have had Alison and her team looking after me. We have now settled at the 11th hour, just minutes before the judge was going to decide my fate. Alison has been instrumental in guiding me towards making an informed decision rather than an emotional one.

I shall remain indebted to Alison for many years.

T Vout

I thoroughly recommend Alison. She acted for me in my divorce and showed solid technical knowledge as well as having a great approach to clients. Fantastic.

R Pugh

The service and care given to me during this testing time was excellent along with my consideration a priority, not the other way round which my wife found. Her representation was instructing her not advising, unlike you and your colleagues. Travelling down for my first meeting with you I did have reservations as I was just going on a recommendation, but as soon as I met you and your colleagues I was immediately put at ease and not treated as victim and easy prey. I can’t thank you and your practice enough for helping me get through these hard times. I will and have recommended you to friends and colleagues.

On a polite note, I hope not to see you again but if I encounter troubled waters you will be the first number to dial.


Being referred to Rosemary Finn was the best thing that ever happened to me, and also my family. As soon as I had the first meeting with Rosemary I felt as though progress was being made.

Her realistic and professional approach really filled me with confidence and the outcome I achieved after only a few months was more than me and my family could ever have hoped for. It was not only the solid advice but the personal support she gave to me that reassured me through such a difficult time. I cannot recommend Rosemary enough and have her In such high regard. Excellent.

I owe Rosemary a great deal of gratitude for how she has helped me.

B Clayton

I would like to express my thanks to Alison & her team for all the support & legal advice given to me during my recent divorce. I was given reassurance, which I find invaluable during such a difficult time in my life.

Alison’s professionalism & manner enabled me to remain focused through each stage of the divorce proceedings. I have been completely satisfied by Alison’s efficiency, correspondence & swift responses to my many questions & concerns.

I couldn’t have asked for any better legal representation in this matter & I wouldn’t hesitate at all in recommending Alison to anyone else.


Alison Kitchman dealt with my case in a very prompt and professional manner, she helped me through a very difficult situation and I would be sure to use her services again if needed.

Highly recommended.

D Middleton

Alison provided the right level of challenge and support, during a very difficult period of my life. Its tempting to think things will be wasy to sort out, but they arent.

Knowing Alison would work to resolve my best interests gave me confidence to focus on other priorities -my family, Alison took care of my divorce and I took care of my son and myself.

I cant thank her enough!

K Thompson

I am very very happy with the level of support I received during my divorce. I was completely lost in the process, but Alison guided me through, knew exactly the right words to use, and just made everything ok for me.

I absolutely would not have gotten through this without knowing that she was there for me. Its difficult to put into words how Thankful I am.

I would like to thank Alison Kitchman for her professional advice, help, patience and kindess, during what was a difficult amd emotional time for myself.

My thanks also to Steve taylor, Ben and Stacey and the receptionists who were always more efficient, helpful and caring.

C A Lee

I cannot thank Taylor Bracewell enough, They helped me get custody of my granddaughter. Alison my solicitor was very honest and up front about how hard this would be, but to keep my hopes up.

They had only a few days before it went to court but they were there with the most amazing barrister. It is such a good company with such great staff. So helpful, and most importantly, trustworthy.

As I said I cannot thank you enough, I now have custody of my granddaughter, many many thanks.

Alison Kitchman kindly made the appointment for my will to be re done. Excellent service from both Alison and Karen.

Even though my case was very distressing for me Alison listened to everything I had to say and calmly directed me through each court date.

Towards the end of it I chose to represent myself as I didn’t need legal help at that time. Alison remained in touch with me via emails and telephone so I could access any help if I needed it. The case is now closed but I feel confident I could contact Taylor Bracewell in the future and receive the same professional help in any matter.

Thankyou for all your help and advice.

"If, like I did, you are trawling through the internet looking for an easy, less expensive, divorce, using a knowledgeable solicitor, look no further.

I had what I thought was the least chance of an amicable divorce, a husband who didn’t want a divorce, finances to sort around 2 businesses, and all the while trying to hurt our children a little as possible.

We used the Collaborative Divorce method which was the best for everyone, having the support of your solicitor, whilst talking through together how you both would like the divorce to conclude. Don’t get me wrong there were lots of heated discussions, and differences of opinion between my ex and me, but both of our Collaboratively trained solicitors knew when to leave us to let go as we were making progress and when to halt everything and remind us why we were going down the Collaborative route, our mutual aim to protect the children.

Collaborative works in every aspect with the help of your solicitors; no matter how complicated you think it will be. My case took 6½months from first appointment to instruct Alison Kitchman of Taylor Bracewell, until my Absolute hitting the mat and finances agreed too."

I received lots of help and understanding through a very difficult time in my life. I would like to thank  Alison Kitchman for everything she has done for me.

At one of the most difficult times of my life I was fortunate to have Alison and her team recommended to me, What a team!

They are professional, knowledgeable and considerate, what is most apparent however is the level of support which they offer, with this they go beyond expectations and you never feel as though you are “in it alone”.

Excellent customer service. Words could not express my gratitude.

When I contacted Taylor Bracewell for advice and help with getting full residency of my son, Alison was friendly and dedicated to the job.

When I thought the case was getting nowhere, she gave me reassurance and support.

I am grateful for all her help, I would recommend her to anyone.

Alison was a great help to me at a very distressing time, all her advice and help was excellent and in emergencies she was very quick to get back and advise me, im very grateful.

After the unexpected and tragic death of my daughter I soon started to realize I needed professional, sound legal advice in relation to my grandson, so I did what the majority of us do, I googled ‘Solicitor, Family law, Doncaster’ and the search came back with Taylor Bracewell Solicitors and Alison Kitchman. I called and made an appointment that same day, Alison went through my issues in great detail and gave on the spot advice in how to move forward in what was fast becoming complex and sensitive case.

Over the course of the seven difficult months that followed Alison continued to deal with my case in a very thoughtful and sensitive manner, she gave me confidence with her obvious vast experience and knowledge of family law. I was never left in doubt of what was happening or what I needed to do.

All my dealings with the staff at Taylor Bracewell were positive and I would have no hesitation in recommending the company, and especially Alison should you be in the unfortunate situation to need legal assistance.

I am absolutely delighted with the level of service I have received from everyone I have communicated with at Taylor Bracewell. However, I would particularly like to commend and Thank Alison Kitchman.

Divorce is a particularly painful process but Alison has supported me through every extremely difficult step. Her professionalism and sensitivity have been an inspiration. Her commitment to the Collaborative Family Law Process is commendable and I would wholeheartedly recommend Alison, the aforementioned process and Taylor Bracewell to anyone facing divorce.


I am absolutely delighted with the level of service I have received from everyone I have communicated with at Taylor Bracewell. However, I would particularly like to commend and Thank Alison Kitchman.

Divorce is a particularly painful process but Alison has supported me through every extremely difficult step. Her professionalism and sensitivity have been an inspiration. Her commitment to the Collaborative Family Law Process is commendable and I would wholeheartedly recommend Alison, the aforementioned process and Taylor Bracewell to anyone facing divorce.

I consulted Alison in relation to my now completed divorce, and I would like to say how impressed I have been with her professionalism, her wealth of experience and delicate pragmatism;

I would wholeheartedly recommend Alison for any family matter and more broadly, Taylor Bracewell Solicitors, where she is a Partner. I already knew that the firm had a long-standing reputation for diligence, quality and efficacy, and my recent dealings have only served to reaffirm this belief.

Thanks again to everyone at TB!!

All I can say is that I wish I had Alison Straw from the start, she has done more than the other solicitor did, being a mother she understood me more. I felt a lot more relaxed with Alison and if I needed a solicitor again, it would be with Alison.

She is a lovely lady that helped me a lot, through a very long case.

I approached Taylor Bracewell Solicitors in March 2012 to seek legal advice on Family Law :- Divorce. I was in a very fragile emotional state, but was put at ease immediately during my first initial appointment with Alison Straw. It was vitally important to me that I felt I could trust and rely upon a solicitor to listen and handle my case as I was not in any fit state to handle the difficult choices and painful decisions alone.

I felt extremely burdened and overwhelmed by the position my husband had left me in. With Alison’s excellent advice and guidance I got through the legal procedures unscathed. The whole process from start to finish was very effective and done in a short duration of time – which helped me tremendously.

I would highly recommend Alison Straw as a Family Law Solicitor to my family & friends should they need one. Thank you.

"I approached another firm of well known solicitors regarding my family issues, the solicitor recommended Alison Straw at Taylor Bracewell.

I contacted Alison to discuss my issue with a view to gaining a court order for contact. My initial appointment was one of thoroughness for detail, a large amount of empathy and a genuine interest to resolve my problem.

Alison advised me every step of the way and it was never too much trouble for her to listen first then advise in a very careful and thought out manner.

I have found her to be very astute in the her knowledge of family law and I had no hesitation asking her to represent me on a far more complex matter. Again the outcome was a fantastic and life changing success.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Alison Straw to represent anyone who is experiencing family issues and needs sound advice.

I owe Alison a great deal of gratitude for the way she has helped me."

Alison supported me throughout a very long and difficult time. She has a calm and sensible approach and her ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ always helped to keep me going. She has excellent communication skills and is caring and supportive at the same time as being focused on the task at hand.

She was recommended to me by another solicitor and to move to her team was the best decision I could have made.

I can’t thank her or recommend her highly enough. She is definitely the person to have to represent you.

The level of service and the support and advice I was given was, I feel, appropriate given the situation and at times the frustrations with a very difficult period.

Alison remained supportive and level headed throughout.

Alison was a lovely, pleasant, calm and reassuring person. She made an unpleasant experience far more tolerable.

Alison provided a first class friendly, efficient & professional service. Dealing with a topic of which I had very little knowledge, she explained things to me in a manner which I could easily understand, in addition she did so in a way which made me feel very relaxed & comfortable.

All queries were answered promptly & I was aware of progress being made throughout the whole process.

First class customer service, Thank you.

The level of service was good. Alison took over from another who retired, she seemed to be on the ball.

Friendly & polite, very happy with the service.

"When I found out I was ill, my husband and I had almost separated. However, as most people know, it takes a while to get to the actual separation so we decided to live separately at home till I had finished my treatment, and knew where I stood.

It would have been too much for the kids to have an ill mum, and divorce at the same time. (The illness gave a good cover for me having to sleep apart from my ex!) Keeping focussed on the best for the kids helped me keep sane. When you divorce you worry about money, losing your home, your job-everything! Add illness into that mix and you can find making decisions difficult. I was lucky that someone recommended Alison.

The main things she did were:

  • let me say what I wanted from the split
  • not laugh at me when I showed her the agreement I had drawn up with my ex for a civilised split, cutting edge now!
  • really listened to me and interpreted what I wanted to achieve
  • wasn’t scared to use the "actual illness" word and talk about it openly if I wanted to, and let me be open about my plans and fears
  • helped me plan how to protect my kids and assets, prior to divorce, if anything had happened to me and frankly I had no idea of ‘how long I had’ at that time, which makes your thought processes go loopy!
  • understood my financial worries and made very efficient use of time
  • let me tailor letters to not wind up my ex, as I wanted a conciliatory approach

This approach was not the norm a few years ago, so I was lucky. I now know that she is an expert in Collaborative law, where couples work together to separate in a civilised way for the long term benefit of the kids. One friend at the time lost custody of her kids temporarily because of the actions of her Ex egged on by his solicitor. I was appalled, and certainly wanted to avoid that.

8 years on, I am still here thankfully, and the agreements that were put in place via the divorce have stood me in good stead.

Funnily enough the illness and the divorce gave me a "kick up the backside" and my old confidence back to ‘just do it’ and I make the most of every opportunity. I have even started my own Life Coaching Business. Getting everything sorted out has given me peace of mind and the legal backing to get on and live life to the full."

"I just wanted to say Thank you for all your continued help and support with my case.

You have most definitely re-energised things which makes all the difference. Today in court being just one example!

I am sure I would have caved in long ago if not for your support, strength and kindness.

When you were recommended to me L.. said you were the person to have on your side and she was so right!

"Alison combines professionalism with real empathy; my first choice for anyone going through the trauma of family issues/relationship breakdown.
Have known her in a professional capacity for over 20 years and not once have I found her lacking in her role – always on top of the game."

After having sought advice at Taylor Bracewell, I felt ever so grateful as I had looked for advice at two other lawyer’s before (not knowing the area and just trying to receive support) and was not only ripped off but very disappointed about the wishy-washy info.

So I tried at Taylor Bracewell and the way I was treated only made the first difference but the advice I was given was clear, very precise, extremely supportive and reliable as well as founded on superb profound knowledge.

For the first time I knew I was in the right hands with my legal issues. Compared to my previous experience I can only say what a huge difference Taylor Bracewell makes! I relied on the company’s services a couple of times regarding divorce law, a compensation issue and making a will and each time it was a pure pleasure to be a client there! A very personal, client centered approach, which is rounded up by excellent legal advice!

My daughter and I found so much comfort by meeting with Alison and spending time with her, to discuss our situation and have the professional advice that she gave us.

The court hearing was easier to go through with Alison representing us, with a very positive result.

I would recommend your firm and Alison anytime, the feelings of my daughter and I are that we not only had a caring solicitor but a "friend".


We have nothing but praise and admiration for the Family Team, particularly Alison, who gave us advice and support at a very difficult time.

For which we are very grateful.

I have just recommended Alison to a much loved family member to get the support he needs to go through a relationship break-up. At this time when he is in danger of losing his home and family I can think of no-one else I would recommend but Alison to advice him with compassion, common sense and a truly collaborative approach.

I suggested he speak to her because I know she will help him to maintain a pragmatic view and not encourage an adversarial approach. So often recommendations are made on a loose knowledge of someone’s work, this one is from the heart.

"I split up with my wife after 30 years, we were going our separate ways but still had teenage children and wanted everything kept amicable but fair. I rang Alison, having walked into a local family solicitors with my wife, naively hoping that we could both agree the whole thing with the same solicitor, but coming out facing the shock that we had to have separate solicitors and one of us had to petition the other for unreasonable behaviour or adultery! This shock of course was not the fault of the solicitor but of our limited knowledge. We both wanted to avoid any disputes or wrangles at all costs, but also both had fears of costly or even obstructive solicitors delaying everything and setting us up against each other by writing letters to each other about every small financial matter. I came across the concept of collaborative law in a book about divorce and then on the internet, and liked the idea. Alison’s name was listed as someone accredited as a collaborative lawyer.

From the very first phone call right through to the end of the process, I found Alison to be easy to talk to, courteous, calm, reasonable and practical. She also was very honest in advising me early on not to let the process become a counselling one – at such a difficult time, a sympathetic ear is so lovely and soothing to find, but this is not a service for which one wishes to pay solicitor’s hourly rates! Alison established rapport with me instantly, but also always kept the conversation focussed and purposeful . The actual meetings to resolve the financial and childcare side went very well, and I am sure much more quickly than could have been done by the traditional route of solicitor’s letters back and forth. Quickly we decided together who would be petitioner and respondent, and to split those costs equally too. Alison did not fit the stereotype of divorce lawyers that I had heard so much about, was always easy to contact, and responded to me courteously and quickly.

The settlement we reached was one that we were both ok with, and the real proof of this is that over 5 years have passed since and everything remains amicable between myself and my ex. The children stayed with me, but have grown up, and still have lots of contact with us both.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Alison to anyone who is going into separation and divorce and wants to keep things calm, fair and sensible. So much so that I have since recommended her to another friend facing divorce. Her hourly rate may not be cheap, but in terms of quality of service, it was worth every penny".

If you ever find yourself in the nightmare situation of a divorce like I did, you need Alison Kitchman on your side.

Highly capable and knowledgeable, she managed to make a very stressful situation less so.

She came to me highly recommended by other members of the profession and they were not mistaken.

If I ever end up in this situation again Alison will be representing me again I can assure you.

In fact anyone considering any sort of cohabitation/marriage contract should arrange a consultation with Alison.

This would ensure you know beforehand the “small print” that can have such a drastic effect on your finances later, if things go wrong.

It is much cheaper to prepare than to resolve later.

"I initially had telephone contact with Alison, having no previous dealings with solicitors relating to family matters, and no knowledge of the legal system which I was finding myself having difficulty with. I was at a very low point in my life, and I was finding myself baffled by the forthcoming proceedings I was finding myself facing as a result of a relationship breakdown where young children were involved.

From the very start of the contact, I found Alison to be courteous, calm, reasonable and above all non-judgemental of my personal circumstances and the reasons that preceded my contact with her.

I found Alison so easy to talk to and off load my concerns / problems to, which I ‘m sure went above and beyond what I should have expected from a solicitor.

It was almost therapeutic when I spoke to Alison. When I did meet Alison, I was immediately put at ease, her amiable nature and her demonstration and articulation of her knowledge and years of professional experience pertaining to family matters, was evident in her professional, rational, and no nonsense approach to assisting me to deal with my circumstances.

I especially appreciated being able to either telephone or email Alison, at my convenience, for any information or any advice no matter how small or insignificant it may have seemed. I always received a quick response and was always able to arrange to meet Alison very quickly often at short notice.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alison to anyone who may be experiencing family related problems especially where children are involved, her expert knowledge compounded by her common sense and rational approach to situations was a life saver for me, and saved me from a costly experience with court proceedings.

I can’t thank her enough, and hopefully although I don’t envisage having to deal with solicitors regarding family matters again, if I had to I know that I could rely on Alison to offer support and professional advice that ultimately gets her clients what they want".

"Having searched thoroughly for a family lawyer I decided on Alison, a decision that provided me with specialist advice at the time I needed it most, I found Alison to be professional, articulate, dedicated and knowledgeable, always willing to listen to my problems whilst providing an excellent kind supportive touch."

Excellent, Alison was friendly, polite & professional, she made me feel at ease and explained everything perfectly. Thanks again

I would like to express my Thanks to Alison & her team for all the support & legal advice given to me during my recent divorce. I was given reassurance, which I find invaluable during such a difficult time in my life.

Alison’s professionalism & manner enabled me to remain focused through each stage of the divorce proceedings. I have been completely satisfied by Alison’s efficiency, correspondence & swift responses to my many questions & concerns.

I couldn’t have asked for any better legal representation in this matter & I wouldn’t hesitate at all in recommending Alison to anyone else.