I found the service from Kerry Maddison and her staff to be most helpful and prompt, my transaction was dealt with in a courteous and friendly manner. Taylor Bracewell have acted for me and my family for over 60 years and I hope this relationship continues. Mr Barnsdale 20/04/2017

Will and probate dispute

Will Disputes On The Rise

One of the most stressful situations after a loved one has passed away is going through what they left behind. A Will is always a good idea to help make the process more simple and efficient as it sets out the last wishes of the deceased. It can however, be particularly painful if the Will […]

We decided to have a renew of our wills, after over 14 years since the last one and a few changes in circumstances. We were introduced to Sarah Spencer to act on our behalf. Sarah arranged everything to our requirements with great speed and efficiency. Another box ticked and a load off our minds. Thanks […]

Misleading Travel Websites

Misleading travel websites could be in BIG trouble

The age old saying ‘if it’s to good to be true it usually is’ has struck true once again, this time involving travel websites and your holidays. The time has come (or gone in some cases) for booking a summer holiday, a vacation from the daily grind to enjoy some well earned stress free relaxation time. As […]

The service I received was very professional, friendly and caring. the legal side was always delivered in simple to understand terms that made it easy for me. Having used Taylor Bracewell before, I would always recommend them and will continue to use their services when needed. Thank you for all your hard work. Mr Gibbens […]

April 2017 – Key changes in Employment Law

April is always a significant month for employment lawyers as it is the month that changes to rates and limits (for things such as redundancy pay, statutory sick pay, and maternity pay) come into force. This year is perhaps even more significant than most as, in addition to the customary changes to rates and limits, […]

Duty on employers to report their gender wage gap annually

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

From the 5th April 2017, gender pay gap reporting has been introduced for private and voluntary sector organisations that employ 250 or more employees. This is to illustrate the differences in the average pay and bonus pay between men and women in each organisation which has recently been reported as standing at 18.1%. The intention […]

Preparing for the future is often difficult and writing a will is a process that we put off as we thought it would be difficult and distressing. With Susan Fletcher at Taylor Bracewell this was not the case. She made the process very simple and let the information flow in a language we could listen […]

Taylor Bracewell employees take part in Wakefield Hospice 10k run

Taylor Bracewell employees take part in Wakefield Hospice 10k run

On Sunday the 3rd of April, 10 members of the Taylor Bracewell team took part in a huge charity 10k run to raise money for Wakefield Hospice. We were accompanied on the run by 2000 other runners trying to raise £55,000. Amongst the Taylor Bracewell team were Dawn Anderson, Peter Caswell, Beth Charlton, Steve Conway, […]

Robert Clarke Celebrates his ‘Crystal’ Anniversary as a Solicitor

Robert Clarke Celebrates his ‘Crystal’ Anniversary as a Solicitor

Congratulations to Robert, who recently celebrated 15 years since he qualified as a solicitor, his ‘crystal’ anniversary. Of course, ‘crystal’ is totally appropriate for Robert. He excels at providing ‘clear’, comprehensible and coherent advice. Like all crystals, he is a bit of a gem, indeed a jewel of a solicitor in Doncaster – which is […]

I have relied on Taylor Bracewell over the past 14 years, in both business and personal life. Buying and selling my home, Pizza Hut Franchise and opening Smoke Barbecue chain of restaurants. Over this time and these events, I relied on their sound advice and I take comfort in knowing they have my back. S […]


Electrical Safety Standards Apply to Landlord Properties

Landlords have an obligation to ensure that electrical safety standards are met while letting a property to a tenant. The Housing and Planning Act 2016 has received Royal Assent, and is now passing into law. One of the clauses in the Act relates to the electrical safety of properties that are let to tenants in […]

Surveillance in Personal Injury on the Rise

Surveillance in Personal Injury on the Rise

When making personal injury claims, claimants often don’t realise what impact their social media activities can have on their claims. For most people, posting a simple Facebook or Twitter update about their life is an everyday occurrence. However, it is now quite common for defendant firms to search social media platforms for evidence they can […]