UK General Election

Manifesto Break Down – Wills, Trusts & Probate

Conservative and Labour Manifesto BREAKDOWN As the General Election steam train is about to hit warp speed, we have taken a closer look at the Manifesto’s of the Conservative Party and Labour Party to see what their policies in two key areas are and what they might mean for your personal wealth in the years […]

Jo Empson

Not Your Average Jo

Jo Empson, PA to Alison Turner and a key figure in our Commercial team has finished as a runner up in this years PSG ‘National Admin Assistant Award’. The award is a national recognition and is held annually and has seen our admin team get past recognition. Jo was put forward for the award to […]

We are very pleased with the very clear and professional way in which everything was explained to us during the preparation of our wills. We were guided and kept well informed throughout. Thank you particularly for your effort in successfully recovering documents from the past. Mr & Mrs Taylor 16/05/2017

Fired from Job

I’ve been sacked! – Unfair Dismissal – Employment Law

You’re fired – a saying made famous and used more recently by the U.S President Donald Trump when he “terminated” the employment of FBI Director, James Comey. The termination has caused shockwaves in the States considering Coomey was currently investigating the ties to Russia with the Trump’s presidential campaign. If your employment has been “terminated” […]

Restrictive Covenant – Are You Aware? – Commercial Law

Are you in breach of a restrictive covenant? You may have seen in the news recently that a Yorkshire development company is  seeking payments of £100-£300 per household for consent after a covenant in their deeds was breached. The consent is required for such items as the erection of a shed or a satellite dish. The […]

Rising Probate Fees

Rise in Probate Fees – Shelved

The planned rise in Probate fees which would have significantly increased the fees payable from larger estates has been shelved by the Government after calling the forthcoming general election. To administer an estate Executors appointed in a Will or next-of-kin if there is no Will usually have to apply for a legal document called a […]

Do you know where you’re charity donations goes?

The UK and in particular the Yorkshire area has a wonderful reputation of donating money to charity, a great character trait that we pride ourselves on. Charities unfortunately are not all built equal and its becoming extremely difficult to figure out which are the best charities to give to where it will make a real […]

I found the service from Kerry Maddison and her staff to be most helpful and prompt, my transaction was dealt with in a courteous and friendly manner. Taylor Bracewell have acted for me and my family for over 60 years and I hope this relationship continues. Mr Barnsdale 20/04/2017

Will and probate dispute

Will Disputes On The Rise

One of the most stressful situations after a loved one has passed away is going through what they left behind. A Will is always a good idea to help make the process more simple and efficient as it sets out the last wishes of the deceased. It can however, be particularly painful if the Will […]

We decided to have a renew of our wills, after over 14 years since the last one and a few changes in circumstances. We were introduced to Sarah Spencer to act on our behalf. Sarah arranged everything to our requirements with great speed and efficiency. Another box ticked and a load off our minds. Thanks […]