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Director and Shareholder Disputes

When a business includes shareholders and directors, disputes which occur can be very lengthy and cost all parties involved a lot of time and money.  The approach our Business Disputes Team have is simple, get the best result for all parties involved efficiently and effectively. We believe that going to court should be the last resort and we always try to reach an agreement first.

Despite all the best intentions at the start,  things can go wrong.   A Shareholders’ Agreement and/or Directors Service Agreement that can help the process, however, if an agreement has not been put in place prior to the dispute we will work closely with you to find a solution.

Our team has worked on many  disputes, including shareholders and directors  in both the local region and national Courts.    Some of the most common causes of a shareholder and directors dispute are:

  • Disagreements over the future direction of the business.
  • The interests of Minority Shareholders being prejudiced.
  • Claims against Directors for breach of their duties.
  • Shareholders fall out

If you are currently going through a shareholder or director’s disputes acting quickly is the key to a successful outcome.

We can help you with any of the following:

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