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Civil Partnerships

Same-sex couples are able to register their relationship as a civil partnership, as long as both partners are aged 16 or over. Since 2013 however same-sex couples are legally allowed to enter into marriage, giving same-sex couples the choice to be married or to be in a civil partnership.

Entering into a Civil Partnership

If you are contemplating entering into a Civil Partnership, we can help you understand the legal implications and help you decide if a Civil Partnership or a marriage best fits your needs. You can protect your financial position by entering into a Pre Registration Agreement so that if things don't work out you already have an agreement in place.

Dissolution of civil partnerships

When a civil partnership ends it is known as 'dissolution'. Like a marriage to have a dissolution of a civil partnership there must be a reason that the relationship has broken down, the reasons for the breakdown

  • Your partner has behaved in a way by which it cannot be reasonable to live with them, this can be if your partner has been unfaithful, violent etc
  • Desertion - A person has left their partner for a period of 2 years.
  • You have lived apart from your partner for at least 2 years with consent to do so.
  • You have lived apart from your partner for at least 5 years without consent.

In order to proceed with the with the dissolution of your civil partnership evidence of one of the four items above must be provided.

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